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Update: 8/21

It's been a while. Welcome back!

I got a new website. It's like this one, but more dedicated to my fan-games (and fan-fictions). It starts out as Sonic Legends. You'll love it. The fan-fiction so far is called Lunar Eternity. What's in it? Well, I've written about the characters so far... story coming soon! Just look at the site to come out. Some of the character's names come from my life. (Like Paul, being me, Antilla (Kyle's last name) being my homeroom teacher, and Mark Aguiar, being my algebra teacher's first name and my soccer coach's last name..... just shoot me, I couldn't think of names! *brick'd*) It's less dedicated to my personal life updates, because I will post them in the blog on the new site. There will be a message board. I'm just working on it. Here's the website ULR:


I hope to get a proboards forum by the time that I am 13, along with a devientart acount. I plan to improve my anime skills throught the power of... whatever, they'll get better.

I also got a scanner. Now I can upload my pictures, yay, yay.

New Character: Blade the Wolf. Kinda looks like Kakashi Hatake from Naruto, but not too much that the characters are exactly alike.

He's very fast and has an acute sense of smell. He can enter "scent" mode and find hidden trails, items, and etc. (Like Wolf Link in TP)

He loves to read his book. What's in it? I'm not sure yet. He can do a double jump, slash with his claws, roll, create replications (his scarecrow technique) and use his lightning palm strike. He's very laid back, but never takes a job lightly. Age: 25 He's taller than Tails, and is eye level with Rouge's bat ears. (The huge ones) He has a dog tail, like the one I draw Akimaru with. His eyes are brown. He covers his muzzle with a mask that turns into a skin-tight undershirt. Apparently he doesn't have much of a personal life... You'll hear more of his story soon!

Okay, my neighbor got a new website.


The message board is active, and I'm the co-host/manager. ChaoDown/clayton is in Rhode Island for Scout camp, SO chat with me if you want. It's really fun! But ignore the home page, it's incomplete. VERY incomplete.

Okay, Also Sonic Rush Adventure comes out soon, Sonic Rivals 2 is also, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity comes out in 2008 for the Wii and PS2 (not PS3) and a Sonic RPG comes to the DS sometime soon. My fan-game is up and running (in the designing stage, if you remember, I'm still working on everything) 

That's itsa! Yo, Blade dawg, OUT. 

I'm back. I was computer grounded again for most of the summer.

But I'm back! So... Hi!


I changed Bolts design back to more of his origional design. Once I get a new board, I'll show it.


So, I'll check here every once in a while. Se ya later!

ITS GOOD TO BE BACK!!! *twitch* (7/3)

Wow. WowwowwowwowWOW.

My computer was trashed because the disk drives were blown up, the computer had too many files on it to clean it up, so we got a new computer.


The internet didn't work...  ._.

Well, I just had it fixed today! YAY!

Yeah, enjoy your summer!

New stuff and stuff (6/21)

Summer... I'm so BORED already.

1, I'm going to eather get a new freewebs site when I'm thirteen, or make a new site all on its own. I'll also get a proboards site. The website will talk about my story and my game, and several other sonic related things

2, I've made a new character since I havent in a while. His name is Frosty. He is a bit sneaky and loves jokes and fooling around, but has a kind heart and will be serious when he needs to be. He has black hair and chest hair/fur. (but I cant choose a normal fur color, as long as it is  not blue, black, or white.) He loves to wear nice cacki shorts or jeans, and has several hawaiian shirts that he usually has on. He has a thick green jacket to wear in the winter, and it warms him up nicely. Does he remind you of anyone/s in particular? (think of one of the kids and his dad in our school) Yes, I thought that it would be funny to turn Brian and his dad into one sonic character. Agree? GOOD! (but what animal should he be?)

Okay, now I'm bored again... I'll wait for something else to do. Back to the drawing... paper. (Or internet) 

Well, have a great summer. I'll get an image of Frosty later. And please post if you have the time!


Schools out. (So now I'm dead... O.O)

Okay, Ignore that.

But anyways, now I have a ton of free time to work on my stuff. (Such as story, drawing, games, birding, sports, swim team, etc...)

(man, It's gonna be a long summer.)

BYE EES! I'LL BE BACK AGAIN SOME YEAR! Actually, I've thought about being a teacher when I grew up... But I dont care right now. Heck, I'm only 12!

Okay, I got all A range in my whole EES career (Since 4th grade when they give you letter grades) and this trimester I got all A's and A+'s so I hope that my dad lets me get an e-mail. He said that he mights.... Okay, time to go!



~Bolt the fox~                           Visit www.freewebs.com/boltfox (My first site) !  

Another update on (6/16)

I just realized something... I can't keep the old Sonic Legends board, 'cause we lied about our ages. (remember that? JB000, monkey222, and hydrothechao?) HOWEVER! I will be willing (That sounds funny. hehe) to re-post all of the posts on the forum and create all of the accounts. I will tell everyone their usernames and passwords once I make the accounts, but before they do that, I will have to re-make every post, skin, catagory, and so on. It could take a while (will take a while) so I'll tell you when I'm done. I will also add a history page, so that we can tell exactly when every post, account, and everything was made. You can see every everything, and it will be a virtual copy of the old site. After the posts/stuff are made, I'll let you all post. For a couple of months, I'll let everyone post only with other friends who I let on (Well, who my parents let on) If you like it simply like that, I'll keep it. If you want it open to the public, i'll open it. So... see you in December!

YAY! (6/16)

I'm finnaly back to normal! (Let me explain)

I'm not the Naruto focused, video game addict, tired guy wo owns this site.

I'm now the guy who owns this site, likes Sonic and Chao, tries to make a fan-game, and writes a story! And, I found my oldest sites!


http://soniclegends07.proboards92.com/ Remember this guys? This was the forum that I tried to get you all to join, but you all got in trouble  (including me) for faking the ages. It was okay on other Forums! (But not with the parents...)

www.freewebs.com/bolt_fox  and this was my first website! It was the origional host of Sonic Legends! But I took Sonic Legends away from the site, and made a new one... I'm shocked that I didn't delete it! I deleted all of the sites that I tried out before, but I missed this one! YAY!

Please take a look, and soon that will be the main site again. Wow, I'm so happy again! Dont worry, I'll tell you all when I make that one the main site (With a new freewebsforum and everything!)

Great! So... enjoy! and only 2.5 days of school left until Summer! (And I thought that today was boring..!)

Shocked? (Again 6/9)

Well, I went to the movies to see Spiderman 3, and before we went, we played games. I played Stackers... And I won an Xbox 360. Yay! Right? Nope. My dad doesn't really want it with the Gamecube and Wii, and I didn't want it eather. I wanted the PSP... but I couldn't get the controls right and accidentaly pressed the Continue button.... Now I don't want it, but I don't know what to do with it. Once I exchange the little card for the system, I'll probably put it on E-Bay or sell it at Gamestop. but I don't know what to do with the money! How much will it give? Should I buy games, a laptop, or a PSP? Man, I'm tired and depressed. Now I've got to do homework... Wish me luck. *Groan*

... Hehehe... I is happy! (6/9)

Okay... I'm very happy.


I finally got all 150 sinnoh pokemon to be seen. I had to catch a Cherubi through the sweet honey trees, and evolve it. IT TOOK FOREVER!

Secondly, I have been starting to like Naruto (the TV show) and I've been learning how to draw anime. So, I drew probably my best drawing ever, and it's of Kakashi Hatake (The guy with the wierd suit that covers his face as a mask and with the funky red eye(Also called a sharingan)) I guess that I'm getting really good now! My hopes are to be able to make a comic strip of them (because it's so much easier than Sonic, suprisingly) or manga, whatever you want to call it, and put it on this site. I don't have a definate name, but here's a rough name: Naruto: Tempest Legends

I'll have to use my friend's scanner, though, and update the comic from there. Photoshop would be good too, if I wasn't to busy spending all my money on wii stuff. So I can't wait for summer, only 7 and a half more school days. Also, when I turn 13, I'll update not only the forums, but also the site. Once I update the picture, I'll scan it. YAYS!

Okay I'm bored now... I just hope that it doesn't rain on my game, It's supposed to thunderstorm from 3 and on... My game's at 4... oh well.

Big Mental Update and Forums update: 5/18

Wow.... I guess I'm not gonna do a Sonic game for now. I'm still making ideas for games, but I'm not gonna get too into it for now. Trying to make any kind of game kinda stressed me out, so I'll wait for a pretty long while (a few years,) This is something that I want to do, so....

Okay, I've taken the Sonic Boom and Sonic Legends parts of the forums away. You can still talk about anything in other areas, just follow the rules.

If you have any suggestions, please post them, and I CANT wait till I'm 13! I'll finally be able to get an e-mail, and my proboards forums... Yeah, you'll love it, and I can't wait! The mascots will be: Bolt, Flash, Kiba, and Akimaru.... YAY! Lastly, if you have a fan character that you want to appear on this site, please tell me with a link to it on the message board and I'll try to put it on! 


Also, I finally got Bob to re-incarnate, and all of my fav. 6 chao are there... AS BABIES!!! They're so darn cute!

Game update: 5/5

Here's the update:

I've been playing Sonic R (And Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2) a lot lately. Sonic Boom is a game that is actually in progress, and as sson as I can, I'll be hiring more people. So far, several others have already joined for art jobs. Sonic Boom will be like Sonic R, but more modern (more characters, more music, more levels, more....) So you get the picture. Sonic Legends will come afterwards, with beta versions along the way. There will be many beta versions, which should be very helpful and fun all the same. Sonic Legends will be like a normal Sonic game, and surprises come if your computer has Sonic Boom in it... But so far, that's it.

As you can see, I changed the background, to a more sleek Sonic Style. Enjoy!

Oh, and I finally got Blaze in Sonic and the Secret Rings! YAY!

Mental Update and Joy, 4/29





Okay, it's not THAT good, but easily the best Pokemon game. It does get kinda frustrating, though, because you get lost a lot, and items are hard to find. My party is a level 31 Prinplup, level 34 Staraptor, level 31 Luxray, level 29 Roselia, and a level 23 Stunky.

I've beaten 4 gyms. (Rock, Grass, Fighting, Water)


Also, I'm continuing to try to make my 3-D models of my characters, starting with knuckles, but my software with my experience won't let me. Now, I'm gonna do a box modeling bird head tutorial.

It'll teach me how to do a snout, which I need to learn how to do. I also need to learn how to do eyes, because the polygons wonts connect in an eye shape. The graphics for Sonic Boom will be VERY similar to Sonic R's. Each course will have two acts, five Sonic Tokens, one or two chaos emeralds, and nice music. So far, I want to use Kingdom Valley (as Sonic/act3), Lava Reef, Ice Cap, Green Hill, Neo Green Hill, Virtual Spaceship (Phantasy Star online, episode 2), lotsa music fromSonic R, and several others. There will be a lot of characters, and you can even make your own. Flickies and chao will appear in levels with Small Animals. If I could, I'd make a chao garden, but their's no way, unless I include a shop funtion.

Sonic Legends will remain a story and a game, but I'm actually making progress on Sonic Boom as a real game... I hope. Wow, this one game could take several years for me alone... Once I'm thirteen, I'll ask people with design/code/music/gamemaking talents to join the project, and I already have a sight to join. (www.anim8or.org) please don't click the link, because there's a lot of gaming vocabulary that's hard to understand.

An I take back whatever I said about Sonic Rush Adventure, it looks great! Blaze, Sonic, Tails, Capitan Whiskers, and a new racoon girl have been confirmed... It's going to be pretty good.

Yeah, that's it. 



Minor Update, 4/19/07

I'm gonna try to make Sonic Boom work again, because (1) I love Sonic R, and (2) it's easier to program. Kibo is still a main character, but I'm changing his name to Shikamaru, my 2nd favorite Naruto character. (My first is Akimaru, Kiba's dog in Naruto)

My second part of this is that I really CANT wait for Diamond and Pearl to come out. IN THREE DAYS! Three years waiting in three days!

#3: Sonic Rush Adventure is coming to the DS in the fall. Ya know what stinks? EVERYTHING! You play as Sonic and Tails goind around islands trying to defeat Capitan Whiskers, the main enemy. HE's a PIRATE! You have to make boats out of pieces of metal that you find to get around. I just hope that Tails gets a super form, considering that the main characters are Sonic and Tails. But man, it looks real stupid! (I'm so getting it)

And lastly, I won't be online this weekend, because I will be on a camping trip with my friend Jack in Block Island all weekend. I'm leaving my brothers to get me Diamond on time.

I played a demo in Walmart... I'ts great! My brother thinks it's retarded because the menu list is now on the touch screen, like the battle menus and stuff, but I like that! The backgrounds are made with sprites like other 2-D games, but they look 3-D. It's a must get, even for non poke-mon fans, And Porkyspork, you get Stunky and Skuntank in Diamond, Glameow and Purrugly in Pearl. (You're lucky, you get the kitty.) The move graphics are completely 3-d, they look great, and *passes out*

Oh man, I can't wait for Sunday.

Update: 4/17/07 (Man, it's been a while!)

Well, welcome back. I hope that you've had a good Easter.

There isn't much of an update, but I'm beginning to make Sonic Legends again. I kinda put the project aside for a while. My main update is that I have a new fan character who appears as the 4th main Character in Sonic Legends.... Kibo! He's a strong wolf, and he keeps a puppy named Akimaru. (Kibo, Akimaru... you're getting that I ripped this character from Naruto, Right?) He's a strong ninja and uses his Kunai for some attacks, slashes for others, and has Akimaru attack as some. His special ability is that he can "see" in the dark or through fake walls, or follow scent trails with the help of Akimaru. Kibo's sense of smell is 50 times better than a normal characters, and Akimaru's is 100 times better. Like Wolf Link, from Zelda Twilight Princess, he can use a sense option as his special ability. He always tries his hardest, so he'll even try to kill Sonic if he got in the way of his goals. In his free time, be plays with Akimaru and lounges around, like a normal 16 year old would. By the way, Akimaru's like a normal dog, not a Sonic Character.

Kibo's Super form is orange, and his hood comes off. His gloves tear and it reveals sharp claws. His hands and feet glow more intensly, and he has a pink aura. Akimaru's super form is bright white, with a red aura. The ending's going to funny, but kinda sad at the beginning of the last battle. I've already got it planned out.

Somehow, I plan to have Akimaru be his own character, so you can play as te cute tan puppy!

In other news, there's only 5 MORE DAYS UNTIL DIAMOND AND PEARL COME OUT!!!!! *yay* I've waited three! Long! YEARS!

Okay, that's about it... yeah, it is.




Welcome 2/24/07

Welcome again! This site will focus on the fan game Sonic Legends which is currently being designed. A small preview of the game: We hope to see it currently set on the computer, and the main characters are Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles (Sorta a "Duh!" impulse there! )

Where you see "Tails' Workshop", it is a section regarding our site. When it says "Sonic Legends", it is about our game.

This home page will be changed as time goes on, but for now is a freewebs site. Also, a freewebs or proboards forum will be added in a while.

However, this is in about a year, so please take time to look at our other websites, which will be up shortly.

Thanx, have a good day! 




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